Small animal teleradiology services

The Small Animal Teleradiology Department consists exclusively of European and American diplomates with extensive experience, offering a premium, cost effective service with robust, exhaustive, actionable reports. Our main goal is to establish a tight collaboration with our clients, with fluid communication channels. We are an accurate and efficient imaging tool, supporting and offering solutions to every colleague in their own services. 

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We provide the following Veterinary radiology reports:

– Digital Radiographs
– CT

We offer fast turnaround times delivering our reports within
48 hours (Standard service)
. In addition, for those cases that
need a more immediate response, we also have two other
faster services available.

Online CT implementation and operation service.

We offer an online audit and consulting service, personalized and tailor-made to the needs of each Veterinary Hospital. We also guarantee that our customers will get the most from their equipment, achieving the best possible results in every study.

 This service includes establishing protocols, positioning and artifact prevention. Additionally it also enables access to information and guidance on contrasts, how the CT physics work and any queries arising from previous studies.
The service provides knowledge on imaging protocols and contrasts, as well as training on CT equipment usage for veterinary radiographers and technicians.
For any questions regarding our services, turnaround times and pricing information, please contact us.