Our classes offer a unique, tailor-made education; small groups of 12 to 16 students, depending on the discipline, mean enough time is allocated to properly engage with student questions, 1 to 1 if need be, as well as enable continuous supervision during practical course elements.

We offer 2 different types of modules, basic and advanced. A knowledge test has to be passed in order to have access to the advanced modules, so everyone is at the same level.

We will provide individual access to diagnostic tools,


a distinct course element not offered by others. Additionally, all Radiology, CT and MRI courses students will be provided with an individual iMac for the duration of the course. For the ultrasound courses, there will be one ultrasound machine per 2 students.


At the end of our courses, students gain a diploma certifying their participation, as well as – for those interested – a certificate of acquired competences, once the corresponding test is passed. We want to reward and recognize the effort of our student participants through diplomas granted by European specialists.

In ProtonVet we want to make sure that your educational experience is fruitful and enjoyable. Participants will be able to enjoy exceptional working environments with access to the best technology. Within this, a fundamental part of the experience revolves around our resting periods. These will foster networking, providing the attendees with the opportunity to engage with our speakers.

During coffee and lunch breaks, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant environment with a delicious gastronomic experience. For us, learning and pleasure go together.

Given the current Covid-19 situation, all of our courses are postponed until 2022-2023, as long as the situation allows it. However, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to reserve your place on any of them.
Places are limited and applications will be processed in strict order of receipt. Contact with us: