Tracheal mass

17-year-old female domestic short hair. Chronic cough since she was 8 years old. Currently, inspiratory and expiratory dyspnoea. A thoracic CT scan was performed.

Portada 51


There is a broad-base well-defined soft tissue mass (1,6 cm CrCd x 0,5 cm DV x 0,8 cm LM) at the ventral aspect of the caudal tracheal lumen (red arrows). This lesion shows a mild diffuse contrast enhancement in the post-contrast series. At its cranial portion, the mass seems to obliterate the tracheal lumen, narrowing its lumen by  80% (green arrow).

This lesion reaches the carina and there is narrowing of the ventral aspect of both mainstem bronchi (pink arrows).

feline CT mainstem bronchi

The bronchial walls are mildly/moderately thickened, with cylindrical bronchiectasis (orange arrows). Mild tree-in-bud lesions near the bronchi are seen (blue arrows).

feline CT bronchiectasis
feline CT tree-in-bud pattern


  • Intratracheal mass with narrowing of the caudal thoracic tracheal and mainstem bronchi lumen, most likely consistent with neoplasia (lymphoma, carcinoma…). Other differentials, such as polyp or granuloma, are less likely.
  • Thickening of the bronchial walls with bronchiectasis and tree-in-bud pattern: feline asthma, most likely.


Bronchoscopy and sampling of the tracheal mass +/- bronchoalveolar lavage are recommended.

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